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10/3/2012: Guilden memories

This weekend I attended three Return to Ravnica events. One at midnight Friday, one at noon Saturday, and another at noon on Sunday. What guilds did I play you ask? Rakdos all three times. I went 2 and 2 on Friday, but split the final round’s prize boosters. Saturday was a bit better going 3-1 but again splitting the prize boosters. Sunday I went 3-1 again, but this time the individual matches went better. My three wins I won in blowouts and the games I lost (only 2!) were nail biters. Since I played a friend during the final 3-1 round I again split the prizes. For a total of 3 guild boosters, 15 regular boosters, and 7 prize boosters. Not a bad haul.

This was my first experience playing the Sealed format. For those who don’t know, Seal is when players are given a set amount of boosters (between 4 or 6, though I suppose you could use more). Players must make a deck using only those cards. It is a limited format similar to drafts, but instead of passing packs around and choosing cards (allowing for more of a focus on colors you want to play and a meta-game involving figuring out what your opponents are playing or competing for cards), you do not pass any cards to other players, you must build a deck from exactly what you opened, for better or for worst.

Compared to draft, I liked that in sealed I had an idea of the entire pool of cards before building my deck instead of trying to build a cohesive deck on the fly like during a draft. On the other had, you have to make the best of what you got instead of being able to hopefully grab something awesome that someone else picked. I’d like to experiment with the sealed format sometime again.

After a bit of trading, here are the Return to Ravnica rares I acquired this weekend. Heres the breakdown:

Angel of Serenity: $16.03

Cyclonic Rift: $3.93

Search the City: $0.52

2 Sphinx of the Chimes: $0.90

Wild Beastmaster: $0.53

3 Desecration Demon: $10.62

Pack Rat: $0.77

2 Underworld Connections: $3.74

2 Chaos Imps: $0.82

2 Abrupt Decay: $40.20

Archon of the Triumvirate: $0.46

Carnival Hellsteed: $0.42

4 Promo Carnival Hellsteed: $1.68

Corpsejack Menace: $1.25

Dreadbore: $7.55

Jarad’s Orders: $1.27

Rakdos, Lord of Riots: $8.14

2 Lotleth Troll: $20.42

Wayfaring Temple: $1.16

Cryptborn Horror: $0.63

Volatile Rig: $0.39

Total value of Rares: $121.43

For a $90 investment, I was happy to turn a 33% profit. Not to mention the fun time I had, experience I gained, and memories i made with my friends. I can’t wait for the next pre-release!

My Rakdos deck features Rakdos, the Desecration Demons, the Chaos Imps, and the Carnival Hellsteeds. The latter two are a bit expensive, but the 4 mana cost demons help get some 6/6 muscle much earlier than enemies will be able to handle. I have my eyes set on a foil Desecration Demon to round out my playset. I have playsets of many commons and uncommons. Not drawing a single shockland was a bit lame. But getting two Abrupt Decays and Lotleth Trolls helps me towards getting a playset of some of the more expensive cards.