M15 Cards Under Consideration

Good evening all. Below is a list of commons from M15 that are currently under consideration for the pauper cube.

Generator Servant: I really like this card because of its unique ability. Most of the red creatures in the cube are aggressive beaters and adding a bit more variety to what red creatures can do is great. I like this card in Red/Green stompy decks where the ramp is helpful and the haste may allow you to get a free hit in. I also like this in other aggressive red decks, where after he is no longer useful you can cash him in for a haste creature (or two if they are cheap enough). This creature also help the storm-ish decks in a couple ways. It can allow you to surprise your opponent with a hasty Kiln Fiend/Wee Draconauts/Nivix Cyclops or it can be a saved amount of mana to help you go off. While I want to see this guy in action first, I think he will find a place in the cube.

Aeronaut Tinkerer: This card fits nicely into the White/Blue Artifact deck. It helps give the deck some needed evasion. It is also not an embarrassing creature to main deck even if you can’t take advantage of the flying. The 2/3 body will block most aggressive early creatures. I am on the fence about this creature, but we shall see if he gets a spot.

Carrion Crow: I probably wouldn’t consider this creature if it wasn’t a zombie. Wind Drake isn’t a creature good enough to make it in the cube, so it may seem odd that Carrion Crow is under consideration. Zombie is a great creature type to have and the flying gives the Zombie decks some evasion that it does not really have besides Stitched Drake.

Unmake the Graves: The raise dead effects in the cube are constantly in consideration, since there are many good candidates whose minor differences make it difficult to pick amongst them. What I like about Unmake the Graves is that it is instant speed and the convoke gives your blockers something extra to do. The instant speed is huge for this card, since the decks that really want this type of effect usually want to keep up a counter or some removal during their opponent’s turn.

Heliod’s Pilgrim: I really like this effect to support the G/W Auras deck but also to search up Pacifism like removal. Totem-Guide Hartbeast is included in many people’s pauper cubes, but the 5 mana never impressed me. At 3 mana, this creature is a much better deal. You can usually follow up the pilgrim with a Pacifism and 2 drop on turn 4. Like the Generator Servant, this card is probably an auto-include but I want to see how it performs first.

Shadowcloak Vampire: There are currently three CMC 5 Mono-Black creatures in the cube (Gray Merchant, Warren Pilferers, and Spitting Sliver). Both this card and the next one are considerations to bring in for another 5 drop black creature. Shadowcloak Vampire has a big body, particularly for a flying creature. 4 power in the air is about as big as it gets in pauper. The life cost will be relevant in the more aggressive black decks that are paying life, but much less of a consideration in the W/B decks that are draining life. I am very on the fence about this card, but it has the potential to be a very good card for the cube.

Rotfeaster Maggot: This 5 CMC black creature fills the opposite role of Shadowcloak Vampire. Instead of finishing the game like the vampire, the Rotfeaster Maggot helps keep you in the game. A 3/5 blocker is a great body that blocks all but the biggest creatures on the ground. The life gain may be relevant, though I can imagine situations where you  have set up chump blocks and don’t want to remove a creature from your graveyard. Whether I chose the Maggot or the Vampire will be determined by whether Black needs some better defense or offense.

Necromancer’s Assistant: Whether I include this card or not will be a good indicator of how hard I am trying to push a graveyard theme. A 3/1 body is good to attack with and it is a zombie.

Coral Barrier: My love of a squid token is probably clouding my judgement a bit here. It is not the best defender but you could also do worse for 3 mana. If I decide to push a American colored defender deck, I could see this getting included.

Tyrant’s Machine: Tyrant’s machine is a maybe because it is the closest pauper gets to Icy Manipulator. Having said that, it is a far cry from the power level of Icy Manipulator. Giving access to psuedo-removal to all colors it not as important in the cube as it is in a regular limited format, since all colors do have access to some of their best removal at common. Of the cards on the list, this is least likely to make it.

Radiant Fountain: I love the ETB effect lands at common, since they provide small spell like effects without taking up a card slot in your deck. Radiant Fountain is best used in a White/Blue bounce deck that I have been considering. So if you see this brought into the cube, it is because I am trying harder to support such an archetype.


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