B/R Sac Deck

As the cube has really started to come together and the archetypes are getting better defined, the B/R archetype has become the least defined and least interesting. It was supposed to be an aggressive goblin tribal archetype. The red part of the color pair did most of the work. The only black goblins were Festering Goblin, Goblin Turncoat, Frogtosser Banneret, Warren Pilferers, and Facevaulter. Goblin Turncoat is bad. Facevaulter is not great and is similar to Goblin Sledder and Mogg Raider, but less versatile.  Frogtosser Banneret was helpful, but a lot of the goblins were one mana to begin with and it did not help reduce the cost of the goblin token making red cards. There were also no great candidates for multicolored B/R cards to push a player to that archetype. Goblin Outlander and Goblin Deathraiders aren’t strong enough to justify their difficult mana costs. For all these reasons, I’ve been trying to find a different theme for B/R.

The idea came from two main places. The first was the new Exploit mechanic from Dragons of Tarkir. The other source of inspiration as the Sac deck from M14. There already existed some cards in the cube that would support a sacrifice centered deck. So I started looking at some cards and divided the pieces of the archetype into three subsets of cards, cards to sacrifice (the food), cards to sacrifice to, and auxiliary cards that supported the theme.

Cards to Sacrifice to:
Silumgar Butcher, Vulturous Aven, and Qarsi Sadist: The effects from the Butcher and the Aven are both worth a card, while the Sadist is not. The Sadist is the best to combine with an Act of Treason effect, but I’m not sure if that makes it worth including.
Fling, Collateral Damage, Altar’s Reap, Bonesplinters, and Innocent Blood: Fling is already included in the cube as a finisher in the R/G or U/R decks. Collateral Damage looks pretty silly in a pack next to Lightning Bolt. Sorcery speed really limits how good Bonesplinters can be. In a normal deck, you might get some value by sacing a creature that has been pacified or something similar. Not being able to sac a creature that is being targeted by removal limits its strength. The same reason is why Altar’s Reap is included. Innocent Blood is a good edict effect for black decks to combat the auras decks. The cube currently has Diabolic Edict and Geth’s Verdict and I have been trying to find some space for Chainer’s Edict (thanks to Vintage masters), so I’m not sure if Innocent Blood has a place.
Viscera Seer, Blood Bairn, Nantuko Husk, Phyrexian Ghoul, Dimir Houseguard: Viscera Seer (infinite combos aside) is not a great card. Maybe if we has a 2 mana 2/1 or 1/3, bit might be worth playing. As is, I don’t think it has a big enough effect. Blood Bairn, Nantuko Husk, and Phyrexian Ghoul are all almost identical cards. The Husk and the Ghoul are better than the Bairn due to relevant creature types. Of the two, Nantuko Husk’s art is much cooler. I could see including both though. Dimir Houseguard’s effect is about as bad as it gets, but the rest of the card is interesting. Being able to transmute for Pestilence and Evincar’s Justice is great in the decks that have those cards. Most interestingly, you can transmute for snuff out and still be able to cast it.



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