Community Peasant Cube Changes (Drafts 1 and 2)

Recently, some friends and I put together a cube. It was built with input from all of us. After each draft, depending on your record, you can make changes to the cards in the cube. I will go into more detail about the cube and the point system that allows for changes in a future update. I will use this post to describe the changes so far.

Draft 1:
Garrett: Grapeshot casting cost reduced from 1R to R. Using Grapeshot as a wincon for storm is still a tall order and reducing the cost to cast Grapeshot by one does not make a huge difference. What it does do, is make Grapeshot a respectable pick in virtually any red deck. If you play one spell, you have Forked Bolt, which is a fine card. Two spells gives you Arc Lightning, so on and so on. I like this change because it broadens the appeal of a card, while still making that card stronger in its intended deck.

Chris: Trostani’s Summoner makes a 5/5 White Giant in addition to the other creatures. The 5/5 is a giant because Fuedkiller’s Verdict already makes a 5/5 giant token. The 5/5 syncs up with the 4, 3, 2, 1 design of the card and follows the keyword on even-stated creatures pattern too.

Adam: Dark Ritual has Rebound and Jotun Grunt mills the caster for 2 on ETB. Giving Dark Ritual rebounded sounded too strong at first. On closer inspection, it is a very interesting change that does not actually increase the power level of the card too much. Finding a way to take advantage of the bonus three mana during your upkeep is no easy task. It still adds to your storm count if you cast it the turn before you go off, but does not give you the mana. This change also broadens the appeal of the card. I can imagine decks that would run it just for the extra mana over two turns. Jotun Grunt’s change is also very interesting. It guarantees you one turn to pay for the cumulative upkeep, giving this card more longevity. It also fuels your own graveyard if you are playing a self-mill strategy.

Cole: Rakshasa Gravecaller has Unearth 2B. A very nice value addition to an already great card. From the graveyard, you can just exploit itself giving you two 2/2s for 2B which is a great deal. If you have a death trigger you need, you can exploit something else and attack for 3 haste.

Greg: Brain Freeze has Flashback 3U. Adding flashback to Brain Freeze helps a storm deck that wants to win over two turns. Or just as your only mill card, you could built up enough storm to us it as your control win-con. Casting it and flashing it back on the same turn seems unlikely, but if a storm deck is able to generate a ridiculous amount of mana, flashback will provide that deck a much larger win-con.

Rob P: Jungle Shrine is a Gate. This subtype lets Jungle Shrine be fetched by Gatecreeper Vine. The defender deck is focused in Naya, so Jungle Shrine seemed like the right change.


Draft 2

Carl: Phantom General has Convoke and Triplicate Spirits is an Instant. Both of these changes were to cards in his draft winning G/W tokens deck. Giving Phantom General convoke is a great flavor win. Making Triplicate Spirits an Instant is a raw power increase that does not change how the card is played too much.

Jake: Take Possession has Flash and Reckless Wurm has Cycling 3. Also, flavor text to Circular Logic. I’ll come clean. I had already assumed Take Possession had flash. Adding flash to it makes the 7 mana enchantment much more playable. Adding cycling to Reckless Wurm is a great choice. It adds two new ways to cast the card (see Ichor Slick). It also helps the R/W cycling deck. The option to add flavor text to a card is one that any player can make once per draft. I like that it makes My First Tome better and dynamic while allowing players to express themselves or memorialize particular moments.

Rob P: Doomed Traveler Investigates on ETB and Goblin Heelcutter has Haste. I drafted an aggressive deck to see if it was viable in this cube. The changes I made were to help the deck’s long-game. Investigate grabs you a card while haste naturally on Goblin Heelcutter helps keep the pressure on during late turns.

Cole: Blast of Genius has Cascade and Scry 1 and Sphinx’s Tutelage is a Shrine. These changes make Blast of Genius one of the most Izzet-y cards imaginable. I like the unpredictability the card has now. The Scry 1 helps craft your draw for the Blast of Genius when you are trying to dig for a high CMC spell or something else desirable. The Shrine change to Sphinx’s Tutelage is a speculatic one right now. There are no Hondens in the cube yet, but Sphinx’s Tutelage with Honden of Seeing Winds is a nifty combo.

Ryan: Pelakka Wurm has “If an effect an opponent controls would exile Pelakka wurm from the battlefield, draw 2 cards.” While the exact wording of the ability could use some work, the meaning is pretty clear. Ryan was playing Pelakka wurm and was tired of it being exiled and not getting the card value from its death trigger.

Rob A: Cloudgoat Ranger has Haste and flavor text to Radiant’s Judgement. Cloudgoat Ranger is a great curve topper for almost any white deck. Giving it haste helps close out the game quicker. I like that the Kithkin don’t have haste, meaning that the giant can get in for damage while the Kithkin defend.

Greg: Mulch has Scry 1. A simple change to a card, but gives you more control over what types of cards you put into your graveyard. I like scry on Sultai colored cards, since those decks most want Cellar Door and scrying allows you to track what cards are on the bottom of your graveyard.


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